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Feeding your African Grey Parrot a balanced diet can help keep your pet healthy for decades. Store-bought parrot pellets should account for most of the food it eats. Along with pellets, provide a small serving of fresh fruits or veggies in the mornings and evenings to prevent calcium and vitamin A deficiencies. After an hour, remove whatever fresh food your parrot didn’t eat to prevent spoiling. If you need to switch your parrot to a healthier diet, make changes gradually to avoid stressing your bird.

Commercial avian pellets, which you can purchase online or at your local pet store, will meet most of your bird’s nutritional needs. They should make up about 75% of your parrot’s diet.

  • Among their greatest advantages, store-bought pellets are made of a mix of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and grains. Since each pellet contains all of these ingredients, your parrot can’t pick out its favorite foods and leave others, which could cause a nutritional imbalance.
  • Feed good quality organic parrot pellets that are free from artificial coloring, flavorings, and preservatives.

There are certain foods that are not good to give any bird. They include:

  • Caffeine: No products containing caffeine should ever be offered to your grey including but not limited to coffee, tea and cola drinks.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is digested differently in birds, and other pets, than it is in humans, and the resultant digested products are toxic. 
  • Avocado: The skin, meat and pit contain toxins.
  • Sugary or salty snacks: Excessive consumption of salt can cause increased thirst, water consumption, urination, depression, neurological excitement, tremors, in coordination and death.
  • Alcohol beverages: It is not cute or funny to allow your parrot to consume anything that contains alcohol.
  • Milk products: Our birds lack the digestive enzyme lactase and, therefore, cannot digest milk products containing lactose.
  • Raw onions and garlic: Small amounts used in cooking are probably not dangerous, but be advised that there might be a problem with large quantities (affects the red blood cells)
  • Fruit seeds and pits: May be toxic to birds, such as apple seeds, which contain cyanide. It is safest to remove all seeds from the following before offering it to your pet bird: cherries, plums, apricots and peaches are safe to feed, but also contain harmful pits. 

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