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African Grey Parrots Home is specialize in the breeding, training and taming of African Grey parrots. We love all Our parrots, our experience and scope of access have led us to specialize in this. In order to provide each of our birds with the attention required to attain complete nurturing, development, taming, training and socialization. This goes a long way to preparing the baby parrots for their new homes. Also, our staff are reliably experienced in this parrot specie.

At African Grey Parrots Home, We have been training and breeding African Grey parrots for sale for more than 17 years. We’ve been breeding and raising African Grey Parrots for the most of our lives. We began by selling only Congo African Grey and by carefully planning all of these years we are now producing some of the finest Timneh and Congo African Grey Babies.

Our Company

As an African Grey parrot breeder, we specialize in happy, well-adjusted companion parrots. Confident, highly socialized babies can be your friends for life. Our African Grey baby parrots start out under their parents and then are brought into our intensive care nursery. When they are ready, we move them from environmentally controlled brooders to natural baskets draped with colorful towels across their handles which are contained in playpens that we have in the nursery. From these baskets, which resemble natural nests, they decide when they are brave enough to peek out of their “nests” and eventually come out on their own.

There, they receive lots of nurturing and gentle handling; they start out in the world feeling safe and secure. As the parrot babies develop, we add different colors and textures of toys and foods to explore with curious beaks and tongues.

When they are brave enough, we move the playpen into the family room where they learn to fly, first by flying from one basket handle to another, or from one playpen to another, eventually from play stand to play stand. As they develop good flying and landing skills we gradually trim their flight feathers so they gain strength and skills without gaining speed. When they are ready, we move them into cages in our parrot playroom.

We seek to raise the absolutely best hand-raised parrots possible, according to strong ethical standards and practices. We provide public education, and support rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and conservation programs. We are trying to make a difference in the lives of parrots, wherever they are. Please support us so we can continue our activities by purchasing birds from us and by passing on our information to those who might be interested.

Our Team

Our team is made up of qualified personnel’s who have a vast knowledge of birds ( African Grey Parrots ). Not only do they have knowledge of birds but they love and cherish what they do reason why they have been working with us since we started this foundation.

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